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Dental emergencies rarely occur when we’d like them to, which makes the need for same-day emergency dental appointments all the more important. Luckily, our team at our office in Chesapeake, Virginia, offers same-day emergency appointment service to help you handle all of life’s unexpected twists and turns.

What counts as an emergency?
A lot of people often question if their dental injury is serious enough to merit an emergency appointment. If your tooth comes out of the socket completely, is chipped, fractured, or cracked so badly that the pain is nearly unbearable, or you can’t get any bleeding to stop, that definitely counts as a dental emergency. Our Crossroads Dental office is always ready to accommodate these emergencies – should they arise.

Can I prevent injuries?
While you can’t stop freak accidents, you can lessen the likelihood of emergencies by taking some basic precautions. For example, wearing a mouth guard while playing sports is a great way to ensure that your teeth have the smallest possibility of being knocked out. Mouth guards also protect against chips, fractures, and other issues.
If your teeth get damaged in any way, you can’t afford to let the damage linger. Call us at 757-541-2168 for more information on how our practice handles dental emergencies.