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While it’s not something you likely think about on a regular basis, the truth is that you need regular oral cancer screenings just as much as you need regular dental checkups. These cancer screenings can take place during your visits with your dentist here at Crossroads Dental in Chesapeake, Virginia.

However, you’re probably wondering – what’s the big deal about oral cancer? It’s not a common disease, right?

That may be true, but you should still take its prevention seriously. Let’s examine a few reasons why.

Why they’re important

Oral cancer screenings are important because, if caught early, it’s treatable and any damage caused can be fixed with relative ease. If you let the problems go, however, you put yourself at great risk for more serious complications, and oral cancer can even become life threatening.

What to look for

If you have a family history of oral cancer, or have had bad oral health in the past and want to keep an eye on things at home, there are a few things you can look for on your own that’ll help you diagnose the problem. If you have a persistent sore throat, unexplained bleeding, or red and white spots all over the inside of your mouth, you should call us right away. These are only three of many symptoms that may end up being precancerous.

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